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I mentioned earlier the collaborative project, shutters/dead ends/lens/pens, that Zuback and I have been working on for more than a year now. It is ongoing with a beginning but no planned end. The project is published as an living blog, and it will appear as a gallery exhibition/performance in early 2015 at Inspiration Studios in West Allis.

I just added my response to Zu’s chapter 10 photograph, “The Stare,” and “Apertures,” my call for the next photo. You can see my prose poems here. Take a look at Zu’s chilling chapter 10 photo.

Midwest Small Press Festival

Yes, I am small. And yes, I am a Press. But this is not a festival for me. It’s better. The 2014 Midwest Small Press Festival will take place next week in Kansas City, MO May 30,31, June 1st. You can see the Festival’s Facebook page here.

Keith Gaustad, no small Gaustad, a big Gaustad, and editor of Burdock Magazine, publisher of Teppichfresser Press, AND host of Burdock Radio, will be attending and displaying/selling Burdock and Teppichfresser Press publications as well as some chapbook/’zines featuring my work and Petra’s art, and some select items from Mitzvah Chaps. I posted about the David/Petra ‘zine collaborations earlier.

Keith published a few of my pieces, “West End Blues” in Burdock 11 and “Miriam Awakes” in Burdock 12. You can still get recent and back issues of Burdock for a few dollars each. Send an email to and Keith will get back to you.


I know January 31, 2015 is a loooooong way off, but that’s the opening night reception for a show and performance of shutters/dead ends/lens/pens, a collaborative project between myself and photographer William Zuback. You can call him Zu. I spoke of the project a few posts ago. But now, Erico Ortiz, owner and curator of Inspiration Studios, will put on a gallery showing of the project from January 31, 2015 through the month of February. There will be three receptions: January 31st (Saturday) 6pm to 9pm; Sunday, February 1st, 2pm to 5pm; and a special, very appropriate reception on Mardi Gras, February 17th, (of course, a Tuesday) 6pm to 9pm.

This is something entirely new for me as a writer, opening up ways to think of my writing not as words on a screen or page, but as words and glyphs mounted large on a gallery wall, adding a dimension of design to their semantic and metaphorical meanings.

Inspiration Studios combines a gallery space with a theater space, so at the receptions there will also be performances of the words as the photographic images are projected on the stage.

shutters/dead ends/lens/pens is a project in process. It will continue to grow and change up to and after the exhibit.

Zines…… Narrow Escapes

Narrow Escapes Zines 2

Petra Press and I have self published a collaborative collection of six ‘zines. Each publishes one of my micro-novels with Petra’s digital designs overprinting the text. The titles of this six ‘zine collection are The Coroner’s Report on Captain Video, West End Blues, Miriam Awakes, In the Dominican with Satchel Paige, Scar Tissue, and Postcards From the Hecatomb. We sell the zines for $5 each, or the six ‘zine collection, entitled Narrow Escapes, for $25. If you are interested in purchasing any or all, please leave a comment. And look for new posts coming soon that show interior pages.

Shutters/Dead Ends/Lens/Pens

This is a collaborative project that photographer William Zuback and I have undertaken. It works like a call and response. I write something, let’s call it a prose poem. Then Zuback responds with a photograph, and calls out with a second photograph. I respond to that with a prose poem, and then offer a new prose poem, etc.  The project has developed organically to tell a haunting narrative of a metaphorical carnival. Take a look here.  To see more of Zuback’s brilliant photography, check out Zu’s web site. After looking at Shutters/Dead Ends/Lens/Pens, please follow the blog, and leave comments here or there. Zu and I would love to hear what you have to say about it.