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Most of my writing is genre-busting. Not prose poems, not flash fiction, not short stories, not poetry. Micro novels? Take a look at some of my work, and let me know what genre you think it is, or if genre just doesn’t matter.

“Caledonia’s Boxes” in Red Fez issue 56 (rated X).

“West End Blues” in Fringe issue 35 (rated PG).

“Snap-Snap” in Fringe issue 35 (rated R).

“Postcards from the Hecatomb” (with Petra Press), Fiction Fix, Issue 11, pages 20-39 (rated R). Reader’s Choice Award.

“In the Dominican With Satchel Paige” Cobalt Review, special all baseball issue. Selected as Finalist for the Jim Palmer prize! (rated PG).

” ‘Gin,’ Says the Zig-Zag Man,” Fiction Fix, issue 14 (rated R).

“West End Blues,” Burdock Magazine, Issue 11. (rated PG)

“Miriam Awakes,” Burdock Magazine, Issue 12. (rated R)

“Narrow Escapes,” Crack the Spine, October 2013 issue 83 (rated PG).

“Narrow Escapes,” Crack the Spine, Winter 2014 print anthology (rated PG).

“Scar Tissue,” “Post Cards from the Hecatomb,” “West End Blues,” “In the Domican with Satchel Paige,” “The Coroner’s Report on Captain Video,” and “Miriam Awakes,” six ‘zines published by Protect Me From Maniacs Press, 2014, available from the author. See post below.

“Holy Mackerel! Theater of the Absurder,” eBook of two 30-minute plays, “The Last Remake of King Kong,” and “Channel Zero.” Smashwords, (rated PG)

“That Old Black Magic,” 30-minute play, unpublished, staged reading performed 11/18/2013 at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn, Milwaukee.

“Dinner Party of Horrors,” 20-minute play, scheduled for staged reading Summer, 2014.

“Psalm 23 1/2,” 20-minute play, scheduled for staged reading Summer, 2014.

“Video Prologue” to The Last Remake of King Kong, Red Fez, Issue 65. (rated G).

Video Trailer and all of Act II, scene i, “The Last Remake of King Kong,” Verse Wisconsin, Issue 113. (rated G).

Plus YA biographies of John Muir, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Abraham Lincoln for Crabtree Publishing, and YA, multicultural histories of American Sports and American Music for Marshall Cavendish. (rated G).

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