Shutters, Dead Ends, Lens, Pens: the Final Chapters. Exhibit to Open Soon.

It has been a two-year collaboration with William Zuback. Zu’s photography, my writing. There are 14 chapters in all, with each chapter consisting of a photograph paired with a prose poem. See the work here: Shutters, Dead Ends, Lens, Pens.

This project comes to an end with my response to Zubacks 14th photograph,”Static.” Like all of Zuback’s photos, this one has a mysterious narrative quality referential to a dreamlike, hallucinatory world, a tense play of depth and foreground, of shadow and light.

This has been a stretch and a period of creative growth for me. The project has taken surprising turns, gone off on dangerous tangents, yet when I look at the whole, I see that the “dead ends” are also openings, cracks in a door, and that there are beginning/ending and many inter-chapter resonances that hum with ambiguity. Thank you, Zu, and thanks, too, to Erico Ortiz for his faith in and enthusiasm for the project.

You can see this series in it’s entirety along with performances during our opening reception of shutters/dead ends/lens/pens at Erico Ortiz’s Inspiration Studios on January 31, 2015. The exhibit will run the entire month of February.

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